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JumboGlow Style Guide: Festival Edition

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Author : ViNGO WEI
Update time : 2020-09-07 13:38:58

JumboGlow Style Guide: Festival Edition !

You have your ticket, outfit, friends and the rave of your choice. Now the question is, what more can one do to take this experience to the next level ? We know exactly how to help. introducing... JumboGlow Style Guide on What to wear to a RAVE! Darling, LED Fashion Accessories are a MUST.

Be different ! Finishing off your outfit with a flower crown is nice, but topping it all off with a Light Up Flower Crown is gonna be way better ! Our Hair Flowers are guaranteed to make your outfit shine no matter what time of day. There are nearly hundreds of Light Hats and Headbands to choose from in our Light Up Headwear department - go check those babies out. Unicorns, Kitty Cats, Horns, Antlers, Bouncy Noodles like dreadlocks, you name it we got it !
Check out our outfits below, each featuring a product of ours - aaaawww, thanks for sharing with us, friends:

There are many reasons why people go to raves: for the music, fashion, art and all around creative experience, but also the Light Show. Some ravers go ALL OUT for their shows, using gloves, fiber optic whips, hoos and much more. JumboGlow is here to help you start your OWN light show, no skill required and beginners welcome !

Our 8-Bit Pixel Sword comes in a few colors and brings serious fun to the dance floor. Like a smaller "totem" in your hand ! Lift it up and feel the beat ! Also our top selling Light Up Poi Balls bring the light show like no otha- leave your camera exposure open for longer to capture various light trails, patterns and designs in the air...
  Whether you're dressing up as a fairy prin-cess, a space warrior or even just casual wear. JumboGlow has the accessories to bring out your inner sparkle, from Light Up Pretty Butterfly Wands , Light Projecting Space Guns, EL Wire Accessories and much, MUCH more.
One of our most popular picks for men are our
EL Wire Eyeglasses and Light Up Saber Swords. Hey, light toys aren't just kids anymore ! You'll be suprised at how much a hand-held accessory bring the fun, in addition to our "wearables". It's a magic pairing, the real cool that all genders can enjoy.

Check out some of the cool rave outfits below featuring our light up fest Gear!

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