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Company News - Your Reliable Supplier of LED Light-ups from China mainland !

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Update time : 2020-09-08 18:58:47

Your Reliable Supplier -!

JumboGlow LTD. is China basis company specializing in everything from glow products to every decorations or light-up in between. We've been approved as the vendor of many major retail stores in USA, CA & EU because of our wide range of products with most competitive price.
For Year 2021, we have over 200 ideas, Concepts, Designs etc... If you would like to sell a wide range of fresh new products for Holidays, Birthdays, all seasons and Everyday products, it's good to know for our future opportunities.
We would like to share and build new product lines with you... It's more of a hand shake and trust. We have products designed, we have factories and you have customers, it's a win-win business.
Let me know your thoughts... Thanks !
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